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These are a few of the Water Ionizers that Ronnie has tested

Once you have come to learn that you need an ionizer then you need to pick one to purchase.

For some, this can seem very challenging and even frustrating. Ionized water is relatively unknown here in the USA and finding the real experts and authorities on it are like finding needles in a haystack. Well, you just found your needle!

What to know about our industry: There are currently many sharks in our waters, these are companies that could care less about your health and are only interested in a quick sale. What makes matters worse is all the false review sites and videos claiming to be unbiased sources for ionizer testing. Many of these sites claim to sell all brands but do not, they will always clearly steer you to a specific model.

The advertising by some of these companies is very well done and really can convince the average consumer that this company has a good reputable brand.

We do all the research so you don't have to, our first concern is with the manufacturer, its important to us to work with real manufacturers only and not mere parts assemblers like most current brands are. Only real manufacturing plants will have proper licensing and certifications to produce food grade equipment.

Our goal here at Healing Water Machines is to educate the customer and tell the plain old truth regarding which ionizer does what and how good each one is. As you have probably noticed we sell a few different brands of ionizers so that we are offering the full spectrum of the best products available today. We have personally tested every ionizer we sell and we are not talking about adding some reagent drops to the water to inaccurately test alkalinity levels, we are talking about detailed testing using lab quality meters and sensors. We have also tested many Ionizers that we don't sell and those are the ones that did not pass our quality criteria.

We are very aware that just quoting performance numbers does not tell the whole story. Just like when buying a computer- the memory and the speed certainly don't tell the whole story- we will always strive to tell you as much about the machines as we have learned so that you end up very pleased with your purchase. Don't hesitate to call us if we don't cover your question or concern (we promise we wont hit you with any sales pressure, just quick answers to your questions.)

What are we looking for in general?

  1. Build quality of the machine
  2. Number and type of plates/electrodes
  3. Ease of installation and daily use.
  4. Look of the machine.
  5. Cleaning cycle
  6. Warranty
  7. Max repair cost after warranty
  8. Filter replacement costs
  9. Strong PH and acid waters
  10. Waste water.

What are we testing for?

  1. Alkalinity levels
  2. Acid levels
  3. ORP levels
  4. Chlorine levels
  5. Flow rates
  6. Taste

Some competing websites have disguised themselves as “consumer review” type websites for ionizers. Please notice how each of them ends up steering you towards a certain brand (which is the brand they happen to sell) and the reviews are certainly biased, even the very few other companies that sell multiple brands like us, will try to steer you toward the model that makes them the most profit. We're here to sell you an ionizer as well, but we will never compromise our Morals to make a better buck!

It is very important to realize that outside of all the marketing each manufacturer does to sell their product- these machines are plumbing fixtures just like your dishwasher and faucets and shower heads. They process water, we all know what eventually happens to all of our plumbing fixtures, they succumb to scale and rust and get clogged up or cease to perform efficiently. The difference between a high end dishwasher and a cheap is the high end will handle more abuse and use over a longer period of time. The same goes with Ionizers.

Your source water will play a large role in the performance and longevity of these Ionizers. Those with very hard water (high mineral content) will achieve the most impressive PH and Acid numbers initially but as scale builds in the machine the performance will drop just like your water heater does as it builds scale inside. Those with soft water (low mineral content) will achieve the lower PH and Acid numbers but their machines will perform for longer and more consistently.

All the machines we sell have good filters but none remove everything from the water, for those that require the absolute best in filtration we sell under counter pre-filters that can address any and every water issue. Call us for help on this one. In most cases the machine filters will provide you with clean great tasting water. Those on well sources may require additional filtering.

Always remember we are here to answer your questions and to help you, if our reviews don't answer all your questions please give us an e-mail or a phone call.


The quoted numbers of performance are based on our Tap water here in Laguna Niguel, California which averages 8- 8.3PH and 19 grains of hardness or 325ppm of total dissolved solids. Source water dramatically affects test results, so your water may produce different results. Water test equipment is notoriously inconsistent. We use the better meters and calibrate them often, but please use our numbers for comparison only.

Point criteria;

We judge some items and the overall score on a 1-10 scale. Since you won't ever see a machine under a 7 overall on our site here is our definition of 7 through 10:

7= Good
8= Great
10= Ultimate

What is waste water?

Waste water is simply how much water is going down the drain from the drain tube. We do a very simple test- we hold an 8oz cup under the drain tube and the main spout and record the fill ratio of each. Note: Some customers leave a bowl or a cup in the sink to collect the drain water for watering plants or other uses.

What is flow rate?

Flow rate is how fast or slow the machine will fill a glass of water. We use a 16 oz. Glass as our standard. A medium flow rate is one that fills a 16oz. Glass in 10-14 seconds. A slow flow rate takes more than 15 seconds and a fast rate takes less than 9 seconds.

What is Super Water?

Super Water is any water over 11ph or under 3ph (high and low corresponding ORP numbers usually accompany the super pH and acid numbers) For all machines except the Enagic, the super water is achieved by slowing the water flow rate down to a trickle, if the machine has no manual flow control, (a knob or lever to control water flow) a flow valve can be added inexpensively (about $6.00). The Enagic uses a sodium solution and reduced water flow. All the machines we sell easily produce the optimal drinking water at 9-10 PH with a negative 200-300 ORP, the super waters have some additional uses like sterilizing(acid water 3.0 or below) and wax removal from vegetables, (alkaline water 11.3 or above) we really don't know all of the super water uses yet.

Comparison Chart

  Chanson VS-70 Chanson
Aquarius and Orion Athena Delphi Enagic Leveluk SD 501 Life Ionizer 7500 Gold Fox EP-1000
Ease of installation and daily use 9 9 8 8 9 9 9 8 8 7.5 7
Look of the Machine 9 9 8.5 8.5 8 9 9 9.5 8 8 7
Cleaning Cycle 9 9 8 8 8 9 9 9 7 7 7
Strong PH and Acidic Water 9 9 9 8 9 7 8 8 9 9 7
Number and type of plates/electrodes 7
5 Mesh Titanium 5 Mesh Titanium 5 Mesh Titanium 7
Flow Rates Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Fast Slow Fast
Waste Water 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 40% 50% 35%
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime 3 Years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 Years
Max. Repair Cost after warranty $150.00   $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00      
Filter Replacement costs $49.95 $49.95 $49.95 $49.95 $59.00 $59.00 $89.00(set of 2) $89.00 $100.00 $95.00 (set of 2) $45.00
Alkalinity levels 9 -11.4 12.1 9.0 - 11.4 9 - 10.8 9.5 - 11.4 9 - 11 9.5 - 11.2 9.5 - 11.2 9.0 - 11.5 9.5 - 11.6 9.0 - 10.2
Acid Levels 2.3 - 5.5 1.8 2.5 - 6.0 2.9 - 6.4 2.6 - 6.8 5.0 - 7.0 2.7 - 6.5 3.1 - 6.8 2.5 - 6.8 2.3 - 6.8 3.9 - 7.0
ORP level -256 to -856 +1200 to -920 -256 to -842 -237 to -768 -200 to -822 -150 to -622 -260 to -836 -260 to -788 -220 to -820 -220 to -842 -150 to -300
Chlorine levels 0 ppm 0 ppm 0 ppm 0 ppm 0 ppm 0 ppm 0 ppm 0 ppm 0 ppm 0ppm 0 ppm
Taste good good good good good good good good good good Ok
Overall ratting 9 9 8.5 8.5 8 8 8.5 8 7.5 7.5 7
Review Ronnie's remarks Chanson VS70 Chanson Miracle MAX Chanson
Chanson Violet Melody/ Isis Aquarius and Orion Athena Delphi Leveluk Life Ionizer 7500 Gold Fox EP1000


Chanson Miracle M.A.X, best ionizer in USA best counter top ionizer in USA

Chanson VS-70:

Chanson Alkaline Water VS 70, countertop water ionizerThe newest addition to our line. Chanson is one of the only "true manufacturers" that make the unit from start to finish and have ISO 9001 rating on the factory and NSF rated filters. We got the distinct impression that this Taiwan manufacturer cares more about quality than the money. We have had this one in our kitchen for over 7 months now and have run 20 -30 gallons thru it seven days a week, that's roughly 5,250 gallons which simulates the average families two years of usage.

We have run this machine for 40 minutes straight on many occasions with no issues. After all the counter top units we've had in our kitchen it's really nice to have an "under sink" unit and the VS-70 is a great looking piece. The touch panel and color display are excellent and very functional, a real pleasure to use. The machine flushes any residual water from the supply lines and electrolysis chambers every time you turn it on which takes about 4 seconds, we love this feature. It has an excellent auto cleaning cycle which occurs about every second or third time you turn the machine off, which never interrupts your water usage. This is the first machine we have seen with an adjustable "TDS" (water hardness) which allows users with all different types of water to fine tune the performance of the machine. The faucet body itself is electroplated chrome over hard plastic, with stainless steel water channel inside, it looks as high quality as any piece you'll see in a kitchen and the plating over plastic is actually more durable than metal plating.

The VS-70 is the only ionizer we ever tested that makes 3.0 acid water at full flow.  The VS-70 has 7 solid titanium, platinum coated plates, makes very strong ORP and Acid water at full flow and is $450.00 cheaper than the Emco Tech Delphi which makes this our new favorite under counter machine. (this was decided before Ronnie became the importer) Except for a 1-3/8" hole needed in the sink or counter top, most customers can easily install this themselves in about 30 minutes. Our Chanson C3 pre filter makes a perfect companion to the VS-70.

Disclosure: Ronnie is now working with Chanson as their exclusive importer. His views of their machines and all other reviews were written months prior to him leaving to take that position. (He still consults for us as our water expert from time to time.) Some reviews have been updated to compare to Chanson, but we have not altered the unbiased reviews that were previously written and were based on extensive testing of all machines. We value honesty and integrity and refuse to reduce our standards. There are a few very good machines and a few great manufactures and some ok machines with very deceptive marketing and a few companies with horrific customer support. We want to help our customers make educated decisions.

A great looking and performing under counter ionizer at an industry low price!

View performance video of the Chanson VS-70


Melody/ISIS Water IonizerThis is definitely one of the best machines on the market today! The Melody/Isis looks good and performs as well as the machines costing $4000.00! We like that the melody has a very simple control panel and its ease of use is among the best on the market. Filter removal and replacement is extremely easy and filter life is excellent as well. Turning it on is as simple as opening your faucet, it has an adjustable flow handle on the front. The screen and body stay looking new after repeated wiping. This machine can be connected to the tip of your faucet with the supplied diverter or direct to your cold supply under the sink. There is also an under sink connection option available where the entire machine goes under counter with its own faucet above. The cleaning cycle never interrupts your water usage, but does clean after every use. We have run this machine for 30 minutes straight with no apparent over heating of the unit. It has a very pleasant speaking voice that tells you what setting you have chosen and the voice is volume adjustable or you can turn it off.

Because the Melody uses the older plate technology than the newer Emco Tech use, we highly recommend a salt free water softener or our Ionizer Armor for those in hard water areas as it will dramatically extend the life and performance of the Melody.( Give us a call for softener recommendations)

You simply can't go wrong with this one

View performance video of the Melody/Isis

Jupiter Aquarius and Orion:

Aquarius, Water Ionzer, Jupiter Aquarius



We lumped the Orion and Aquarius together because they are the same machine with different looks.

These are the next generation machines up from the Melody, we won't waste time talking about the plate technology that you can read about on the product page. The bottom line is that Jupiter has created some real advances here that will prove to make these machines long term performers. This machine is among the easiest to use, you just touch a button and the flow is on and automatically controlled by an internal valve.




Jupiter Orion, Water Ionizer

The panel and body hold up to daily cleanings and retain its good looks. Filter removal and replacement is very easy, filter life is the same as all Jupiter filters. (Biostone) A family of 4 should get 6-8 months out of a filter. This machine does not produce the very strong acid water but does produce excellent ORP and PH. It really is the perfect machine for those who don't need to make very strong acid water. Remember that the “beauty” water for skin is in the 5-6ph range so these machines are great for that as well. This product is built very well with excellent materials used and will be going strong when others have failed. The cleaning cycle is arguably the best on the market today and does not interrupt your usage at all. They also have an adjustable speaking voice that can be turned off. The display and controls are very streamlined and user friendly.

Can be connected to either your faucet tip or direct to water supply. There is no under counter option for this machine.

A solid performance with the latest technology


Chanson Miracle PL-B702:

Chanson Miracle counter top water ionizerThis is Chansons second generation countertop. This compact counter top is the worlds smallest counter top ionizer to date. This is a big deal to most customers. because of precious counter top space. The chanson miracle produced all the impressive PH and ORP numbers we expect from a 7 plate ionizer. We like the fact that the cleaning cycle lets you choose when it will start instead of interrupting water usage like many other machines do. A flashing notice on screen lets you know its time to clean but will not start until you press a button. This machine has the adjustable TDS like the VS-70 under counter unit and completely adjustable PH on every level.  The build quality is excellent and the electronics are advanced over other ionizers we've seen.

The controls and menu are very easy to use. We got our most impressive acid water ever with this machines flow turned down real slow. (1.9 acid water) We recommend a pre filter with this unit like all others. This counter top can be installed to the faucet tip with supplied diverter or direct to cold shut off valve with accessory faucet sold separately.

An excellent ionizer with the smallest counter top footprint.

View performance video of the Chanson Miracle

Emco Tech Athena:

Athena, water ionizerThe Athena is a hybrid version of the Orion and Aquarius with two filters, the new mesh plates and a flow control knob on the front panel. The Athena will make any owner proud, we love the on/off flow valve that is similar to the Melodies but with a nice rubber grip. We scored this an 8.5 because it has everything we love about the Melody and the Orion wrapped up into one machine. The Athena has two filters and the cost effective $30.00 first filter will extend the life of the more expensive $59.00 Biostone, in effect you should get the benefit of two filters with only a little more than the cost of one. As with every dual filter model we have tested.

We would still recommend under counter pre-filters for those wanting the ultimate in filtration so don't let the dual filters be your deciding factor here. We did score this one and the Delphi as best tasting water of the Emco Tech. The Athena can be connected to your faucet tip with included diverter or to your cold line under your sink or under your sink with an optional faucet kit. Its control panel is as simple as it gets and we do like the solid feel of the unit. There is a lot of bells and whistles listed on the Athena product page that one expects from a high end kitchen appliance. We ran this machine for 30 minutes straight and got no heat anywhere.

More than worth the Price


Emco Tech Delphi:

Delphi, Water IonizerThe Delphi scores a 8.5 not because it makes any better water than the other Emco Tech, but because it is one of the top of the line under counter units on the market today.

When you feel this faucet body it screams quality! It is a very solid feeling plumbing fixture comparable to high end companies like Hanz Grohe who make faucets that cost over $5,000.00. The control is touch only and is extremely simple to use. This Machine is essentially the same as the Orion or Aquarius but as an under counter model. Those who have a soap container in the sink or counter top can remove them and use the hole to install the Delphi into. If not, you will need to drill a standard 1-3/8" inch hole for faucets into your counter top or sink body. If this is beyond your abilities a plumber will usually charge between $60 and $100.00 to drill the hole and mount the faucet for you. If the hole is there it takes about 15 minutes to get the Delphi running. My only complaint with the Delphi is that if you want the super waters you must go under your sink and turn the flow down manually. As I have said before, many customers have no interest in the super waters and are focused only on the huge health benefits of the everyday drinking waters, the Delphi shines in these areas and will compete with any machine on the market. The average ORP numbers at the low alkaline setting were impressively high on this machine. If you want one of the best looking ionizer on the market that takes up no counter space the Delphi is a good choice.

An Excellent Choice


Enagic Leveluk SD501:

Enagic Leveluk SD 501, water ionizerOk, so why does this machine cost $3,995.00? Quite simply- because it is sold through Multi level marketing and many levels of down line get paid every time one is sold. We are not part of this multilevel marketing group but do have access to these machines for our customers who want them. We were impressed with the build quality of this machine and it had the fastest flow rate we have tested to date.(FLOW RATE Explanation: We do not favor machines that use high wattage to promote faster flow rates, ionized water is much more effectively filtered and created with lower wattages and slower flow rates, don't be in a hurry to fill up a glass, these are not water fountains, the machines with slower flow rates will do superior jobs, One of the cheapest machines on the market is the Gold Fox and it has the same flow rate as this machine so you cannot say the fast flow rate is from a superior machine) So why did it only score a 7.5? First let's be clear, the SD501 produces the same quality water the higher scoring machines produce, but there are the bells and whistles that largely contribute to our scores. We did not like the fact that this machine could only be connected via faucet diverter and could not be plumbed directly to the cold supply under the sink. (It does have the nicest faucet diverter we have seen) We don't like the fact that it uses a chemical salt solution for making the super water that needs to be re-purchased ($3.00) constantly. We also were not impressed with the cleaning cycle that occurs every 12 minutes and keeps you from using the machine during cleaning. We will say that the machine when tested side by side with the Melody/Isis had slightly better performance in the super numbers but was almost even in the normal drinking levels. What this machine has going for it, is its fast flow rate which can support restaurant type uses (this is where speed is more important than quality) and its rugged build quality which again would stand up to commercial use. Some people are using this machine to produce “water for sale” at up to $8.00 per gallon! Even at its current price we can say for specific needs this machine could be a good buy.  You will still need a pre filter with this machine.

View performance video of the Leveluk

If you need to produce a large amount of ionized water daily you should consider this machine


Interesting fact: Some Enagic dealers claim that the machines are more expensive because the plates cost $2280.  This is pure fiction. If you look closely at the picture below you will see that Chanson’s first machine, before they started manufacturing ionizers, was the same machine and it sells for $1,700 in Taiwan.  That isn't a knock off. The truth is that both the Chanson Excel and the Enagic Leveluk are both private label machines made by the Toyo company.



Life Ionizer 7500:

This machine produced some of the highest PH, lowest Acid and lowest negative ORP of any machine we have tested to date.

Life Ionizer 7500, Water IonizerThese performance numbers come at the slowest flow rate of any machine we have tested to date. Even though this is one of the new transformer-less machines it still got hot on top after 15 minutes of use. We did not like the fact that the machine sends 50% of the water to the drain tube (this has been the case with all the SMPS transformer-less machines we have tested.) The fit and finish on this machine is not very impressive although it is a good looking product. The filter change is not as easy as with other models. The on/off button, on the touch panel, requires more pressure than we would have preferred. We do like the longer spout on this model and the fact that it uses a 1/4 “drain line instead of the standard 3/8” line most other machines use. This machine gives you the option to connect to faucet tip with supplied diverter or direct to cold water shut off. We like that the Life Ionizers come with an under counter pre-filter

And even though this is a dual filter machine we believe the pre-filter is needed. If it weren't for the slow flow rate this machine would have scored an 8. For those who like the stronger water and the super water this machine is a good choice.


Gold Fox - EP1000:
GoldFox EP 1000 water ionizer

The Gold fox is the one of the least expensive machines on the market. Cheaper machines than this are strictly buyer beware.This machine puts out ionized water at a flow rate almost equal to the $4000.00 dollar SD-501! (See flow rate comments on the Enagic SD501)
Like the SD-501 this machine also has no direct connect option; it must be connected directly to your faucet via supplied diverter.

Cleaning cycle occurs every 12 hours and you must wait for your water while it is being cleaned. This was dimensionally the smallest machine we had tested until the Chanson, so it does not take up a lot of counter space.  There is not much more to say about this model, we carry it because some people need a less expensive option and for the money the Ep1000 is a descent choice. The EP 1000 is a fair quality ionizer with a 5 year warranty.

View performance video of the Gold Fox

Ionized Water at a low budget price


Jupiter - Neptune:
Jupiter Neptune Water Ionizer

This model is priced right between the Gold Fox EP1000 and the Melody/Isis, we are about to discontinue selling the model because we can't honestly recommend it over the Gold Fox even though it has a 5 year warranty (you can buy a 5 year warranty with the gold fox and it’s the same price.) This is just older technology that we are not excited about.




Jupiter Science Models Compared

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